Relaxed and worry free

I want to let you know how pleased I am with my completed HECM mortgage. Everything has gone just as Theo promised and without any difficulties. Even though I had toyed with the idea for awhile it had always seemed overwhelming. Your explanation along with the study materials that you supplied and the appointment with the government counselor made everything quite clear.

The fact that you encouraged me to invite my daughter to sit in on a question and answer session helped a good deal. After you answered all of her questions she was completely in agreement with the idea and now discuses the HECM loan program with her friends.

Again, I want to thank you for your help in showing me the way to live out my retirement years in a relaxed and worry free manner.

Barbara N. – Anaheim, Ca.

I feel completely relieved

When anyone would talk to me about a reverse mortgage I wouldn’t even want to hear about it because I had heard so many horrible stories in the past. I also obtained a reverse mortgage many years ago from a large national lender and was very glad to get out of it after a few years in the loan. When I talked to Christina and she explained to me all about the new government insured HECM loan programs I was shocked and thought that it was too good to be true. I would have to look into it myself before moving forward. After doing my due diligence and completing HUD counseling I fell in love and knew that this was the loan for me. The process was much easier than I thought it would be. I thought it would be worse than a conventional loan but it wasn’t.

After working with Christina everything finally kicked in and I completely understood all of the changes from the old reverse mortgage that I had obtained many years back to the new government insured HECM loan programs being offered today. It is going to help me so much with my finances and day to day costs and expenses because I now have options and I am not under the same financial pressure that I was before the loan. I never have to worry about another late fee or this loan affecting my credit. I feel completely relieved. I just want to thank Christina and G.W. Golden Enterprises Inc for being patient with me and walking me through the process because this loan will forever allow me to live a better and more fruitful life.

Elizabeth J. - Inglewood, Ca.

The process was fairly easy

We would like to express our opinion on our recent experience of refinancing our reverse mortgage. Before the initial process began we did not know what to expect, but when we met with a representative from G.W. Golden Enterprises Inc they explained in great detail all that was involved. The process was fairly easy.

They were so thoughtful and efficient during the whole loan process and we appreciated their patience with us. All said and done we can now do things that we’ve wanted to do but could not in the past based on our financial constraints. We are so thankful and happy with our reverse mortgage.

G.W. Golden Enterprises Inc has wonderful people working for them and they do a great service for people like us. We are ever so grateful to have had the experience with this company and our reverse mortgage.

Arthur & Rita K. – San Diego, Ca.

Flexibility of our reverse mortgage

We thought that we were going to lose our home if we got into a reverse mortgage. After working with Dana from G.W. Golden Enterprises Inc we learned that many of our fears and concerns in regards to this loan program were unfounded and untrue. With the help of a HECM government insured reverse mortgage we were able to get money out to pay off our credit cards. Going into retirement we now have a weight lifted off of our shoulders. We now have a safety net for a rainy day! We really enjoy the flexibility of our reverse mortgage.

Denise & Richard J. - Mission Viejo, Ca.

Great Outcome!

Great Outcome! I was looking to refinance my home and reduce my payment so I could have a little extra cash every month. After Theo went over all of the different loan programs, the reverse mortgage made the most sense for my situation. I really appreciate Theo taking the time to explain the program thoroughly and clearing up many of the misconceptions that I previously had regarding how a reverse mortgage actually works. Now, I get to choose how much I will pay each month for my mortgage. I plan to still make payments so that I can preserve the equity for my children but it is now my choice on what that payment will be. I feel no financial pressure any more and believe that this is a gift from God.

I can now think about traveling and enjoying my life without concern for my security and the ability to stay in my home. I love my home and don’t want to move just to have a little bit more money every month.

Mary A. - Compton, Ca.

So happy and pleased with the whole outcome

In the beginning we were skeptical and nervous. Everyone we talked to scared us more and did not give us any comfort at all. We also went to a seminar regarding reverse mortgages and it was a group of financial advisors who wanted to teach us how to pull cash out of our home and invest it. This even scared us more because that’s not what we were looking for. Then we received a mailer and it caught our attention. A representative for the company by the name of Christina was sent out to meet with us in our home. This meeting was not a strong armed sale, but rather a consultation to go over all of our concerns whether they were positive or negative and to show us supporting documentation. What really sold us was that they gave us time to think about it and educate ourselves. We never felt rushed or pressured to do the loan.

The process for doing a reverse mortgage was just like getting a conventional loan. We had to gather paperwork to qualify for the loan which also gave us peace of mind that this loan was secure and safe. Overall, the process was easier than we thought it would be. Our representative from G.W. Golden Enterprises Inc walked us through the process and made everything much easier for us to understand. If we called the office looking for Christina she would always call us right back and answer and questions that we might have for her.

My wife and I are retired and thought that we would have to sell our home or at least dramatically down size which neither one of us wanted to do. With the reverse mortgage that we have now, we have the financial relief that we were looking for and we can continue to live the same lifestyle that we have had for many years. We were able to get cash out and were able to fix up our home without any financial worries. Working with G.W. Golden Enterprises Inc was wonderful. They treated us with the up most respect and held our hand through the entire process. With sales and especially with elder people we feared being taken advantage of, but with Christina we felt safe and comfortable. She treated us like we were her family.

I am so happy and pleased with the whole outcome that I am willing to speak to any new clients that have any worries or concerns in regards to the program. I would love to tell them about our experience with G.W. Golden Enterprises Inc.

David & Sandra S. - Long Beach, Ca.

I am now living with less financial stress

I looked into doing a reverse mortgage six years ago and I did not move forward. I now needed a HECM as I was in a bad financial situation. I had lost money in my retirement accounts and didn’t have the nest egg that I once had. Getting into a HECM loan has given me extra money and a cushion each month. After my husband died I no longer received his pension and didn’t have any additional income. Once I got into my reverse mortgage it freed up enough money to get my roof fixed because it was leaking. I am now living with less financial stress.

Sarita E. – El Cajon, Ca.

Great to work with

I want to thank Christina for her patience with me during my reverse mortgage No-Cost Redo. I asked so many questions and was always calling her about one thing or another. I am so glad that Christina let me know about the No-Cost Redo option, as that brought me the much needed money to make the upgrades to my home. Christina was so great to work with.

I did my first reverse mortgage with this company a few years ago. My loan officer at that time was Greg. It was only because he was a very down to earth, knowledgeable person that I trusted him, and as a result I was able to become debt free! Without any more debt to worry about my stress level dropped significantly.

Although that first reverse mortgage went through very smoothly, we hit an unexpected glitch with the No Cost Redo approval because my Condo HOA was dealing with a slip and fall lawsuit. I thought that I was dead in the water but Christina worked so hard for me. She did everything possible to make sure the loan went through. I can’t thank Christina enough for being so conscientious and dedicated. Christina and Greg have made such a positive difference in my life. I absolutely love to cook in my new kitchen!!!Next time either of you are in San Diego, please feel free to visit me!

Heather F. - Santee, Ca.

He is a man of great integrity!

A loan originator by the name of Theo from G.W. Golden Enterprises Inc became involved in my life during one of the bleakest periods I have ever experienced in my 67 years of living. I simply could not exist financially anymore on the very meager amount of money I received each month from social security and a very small retirement account. I was afraid and seriously considering refinancing my home into another conventional loan which would have only caused me greater problems as I later came to find out. The final straw came when I was told by the tax assessor’s office that my property taxes would increase by over $3,000.00 a year. There was no way I could pay the additional taxes without some strategic financial guidance. That guidance came in the form of Theo from G.W. Golden Enterprises Inc. His ability to intelligently explain the benefits of doing a reverse mortgage made me feel much more at ease.

I admit to being very skeptical at first because most people believe that a reverse mortgage is not a good thing to do. As a matter of fact, most people believe it is a very unwise path to take. After talking with Theo on a few different occasions and really listening to what he was explaining, my sister-in-law sat with me so that she could hear about the HECM loan programs as well. I began to relax more and felt that I could trust that what Theo was proposing to me would be of great benefit in eliminating the huge financial stress that I was dealing with. I even talked to another reverse mortgage representative just to make sure that I wasn’t being taken advantage of.

At that point, I realized that Theo was truly as honest, intelligent, kind and helpful as I thought he was when I first met him. Truly, he was so helpful!!!!!!He made sure I understood everything that I was doing, every step I was taking and every paper that I was signing. He was my Angel without wings. The quality of my life has improved greatly since I got my reverse mortgage. My bills are all up to date and I am having some repairs done on my home. I’ve put money away into a savings account to pay my property taxes when they are due and I have a much greater feeling of inner peace than I’ve had in many years. I wanted to thank Theo from the bottom of my heart. He is a man of great integrity!!!!! It’s been a genuine pleasure to have done business with him.

Sandra U. - Whittier, Ca.

True professional

Initially, I wanted to refinance my home loan in order to get a lower interest rate and to reduce my monthly payments. After meeting with Theo and reviewing the options that were available and clearly presented, the HUD government insured reverse mortgage made the most sense to me. Not only was Theo very thorough and very knowledgeable about everything the loan programs entailed, he also made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. Now, I am able to save the extra money to use as I wish. My wishes include taking a few major trips, gifting family members, and upgrading some of the rooms in my beautiful home. Thanks to Theo for his help and for being a true professional!

Margret K. - Carlsbad, Ca.

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